Federico Biscione

federico-biscioneFederico Biscione, composer, was born in Tivoli in 1965. After graduating from the Tivoli Humanities High School, he obtained diplomas in Piano, Composition (under the guidance of Vieri Tosatti) and Orchestral Conducting at the „A. Casella“ Academy of Music in L’Aquila. In his work, which goes beyond the avant-garde, Biscione seeks to interact with the audience: his musical language moves in a free-tonal environment, accommodating both contemporaneity and tradition in equal measure.

He has composed a vast variety of work, such as Alter Ego for strings, Tropic of Scorpio for Marimba and strings (performed by the „Milano Classica“ Orchestra), Mozart. Eine Biographie for cello and grand Orchestra (with the R.-Schumann-Philharmonie of Chemnitz, Germany), Dalla soffitta for orchestra (for the „Pomeriggi Musicali“ in Milan), Symphony with Sarcasm and Passacaglia for strings (performed at the Parco della Musica in Rome), Aus Rilkes Bildern for soprano and strings and Hanno for piano and strings (Milan State University Orchestra), The Pied Piper, a ballet in one act (commissioned by the of the Teatro Regio, Turin, conducted by the composer). Other successes include Mamma Laser (a chamber opera for children) at the Fondazione Arena in Verona, Tredicesimo Canto Canto (for vocalist and classic/rock ensemble based on Dante’s text), Dell’intimità (for clarinet, cello and harp) and Jabberwocky for soprano and nine instruments.

Readily available on CD are: Serenata breve for woodwind quartet, Sonatina Giocattolo for trumpet and piano, and several piano cadences for Sonatas and Concertos by C. Ph. E. Bach. His compositions are published by the Casa Musicale Sonzogno, Ricordi Universal Music Publishing, Pentaflowers and Sconfinarte. He teaches Composition at the „N. Piccinni“ Academy of Music in Bari.


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