Gramophone rezensiert Elena Gaponenkos aktuelle CD als “herrausragend”

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For her second recording, the Russian pianist and cellist Elena Gaponenko plays a virtuoso solo piano recital on disc 1 and a virtuoso solo cello recital on disc 2.

[…] Outstanding are Gaponenko’s take on the second of Medtner’s two Fairy Tales with its quasi-jazz/South American inflections, and Lyapunov’s lovely Chopinesque Nocturne (why don’t pianists play this more often?).

[…] It says something for Gaponenko’s [cello-] playing that I was completely absorbed – by the Sibelius (an early work I had never encountered before), the two movements of the Ligeti Sonata (the Capriccio is a real workout) and even by the much-recorded […] Kodály Sonata. As with her piano-playing, Gaponenko does not shy away from digging deep into the bass register of the instrument to vivid effect.

Jeremy Nicholas, Gramophone, April 2018