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Prof. Dr. Helmut Reuter

Helmut Reuter is professor of psychology at the University of Bremen and has a focus on General and Neuropsychology as well as Cultural Psychology and Legal Psychology. Another area of research is the application of psychology to everyday life, including all topics related to life and social existence. The combination of scientific and artistic work is not least of all determined by his biographical background and forms the basis of, among other things, his views on the concept of education.

“To me education is not only the acquisition of technical capabilities and knowledge which facilitates career advancement but first and foremost the evolution and growth of the personality as a life-long undertaking.”


Ulrike Range

Ulrike Range worked – after she took her Masters in Ethnology, Sociology and Japanese Studies, altogether with extended trips trough Europe, Asia, North and South America – for 30 years by now in the fields of classical music. In this long period of time she worked for many different orchestras and cultural institutions like the Union of German Music Educators and Concentrated Artists, the Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestra, the Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg, the Komische Oper Berlin, the Brandenburger Symphony Orchestra and the Bochumer Symphony Orchestra. In addition to that she worked as a judge in many different contests and and also got involved in the Music Council Brandenburg and the German Music Council for Music Business. She works for the IfBK since September 2014 and in addition for the International Joseph Joachim Violin Contest in Hannover 2015.

Mail: ulrike.range@ifbk.com


Sophia Alice Henn

In 1990 Sophia Alice Henn was a founding member of the society „Mißlareuth 1990. Mitte Europa“ e.V. and helped to establish the border-crossing Festival Mitte Europa in Saxony and Bavaria as well as the Czech Republic, with the goal to contribute through music and arts to the international understanding of both the German and the Czech population. In addition she completed her law study at the University of Cologne as a diploma laywer in the year 2000.
 During her 25 years at the Festival Mitte Europa she was for many years i.e. in charge of the ticket service, the young summer team and of the majority of events. She looked after many renowned artists, such as Yo-Yo Ma, Klaus-Maria Brandauer, Pinchas Zukerman, Ephraim Kishon and for many years Lord Yehudi Menuhin.

„Music heals, music brings joy, music soothes. Each one of us, whether performing artist or audience, has experienced this many times.“ (Lord Yehudi Menuhin)

Mail: sophia.henn@ifbk.com


Leif Schöneboom

Leif Schöneboom is at home in many fields of musical life. He is aktive as an instrumental teacher, as guitarist and he organizes a concert series, that specializes in traditional and experimental singer-songwriter music.
He studied music education and musicology in Heidelberg and Cologne, where he particularly focused on Ethnomusicology and on composers from the realm of new music. For several years he assisted the composer and installation artist Rochus Aust with the staging of his works all over Germany.
To Leif Schöneboom good music is always also a form of communication, – ideally an open one.

„The composer makes plans, music laughs.“ (Morton Feldman)

Mail: leif.schoeneboom@ifbk.com


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