In training and continuing education, IfBK offers lecture series, seminars and workshops for companies, cultural institutions and individuals.

We weave together subject matter from everyday life, society, music and the arts with psychology. Another key area of focus of IfBK is optimizing company organization and communication within operational processes and working out specific problem solutions.

It is our intention to reinforce people’s sense of identity and enhance their competence and level of education both professionally and in their daily lives.

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Psychology and the work life

Career management is often troubled with disputes and problems which are often the result of a narrow perception. New perspectives and strategies of re-thinking will be trained in our workshops.

Psychology of everday life

We take onon problems occuring in daily routines. We try to open up new vistas on the sometimes monotony of everyday life.

Current Workshops

4th, June 2016: Umgang mit Stress →